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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Most recent Fukushima Daiichi status - JAIF



No important change in plant details... although I will note that the map on the JAIF charts is a bit more accurate in detailing which plants are still operational on which sites overall in Japan. For example, another recent map from a different source still showed five plants at Chubu's Hamaoka site; No. 1 is decommissioned and the reactor building removed while No. 2 was shut down at the same time for good although the buildings and plant remain. However the other map DID detail plants under construction.

The slowdown in developments we're seeing at the site is no doubt directly related to the time lost while the smoke issued from No. 3 plant, the following vapor issued from No. 2 plant and the radiation level spiked after that event. TEPCO evacuated many areas temporarily during that period and work greatly slowed. In terms of the recovery of electrical power (load checks are being performed right now at No. 2, mainly but also reportedly at No. 4 and No. 1) TEPCO has redoubled its efforts.

7:10 AM Eastern Tuesday 3/22

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