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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Latest JAIF status...

Latest JAIF status includes information that No. 3 plant's containment is intact.

The document also mentions a high rad area in No. 2 unit turbine building; see remarks section.


Plants 5 and 6 are listed as running their Residual Heat Removal pumps to maintain core cooling; perhaps 5 and 6 are getting close to something like a normal shutdown lineup and environment.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano's briefing is going on right now, and although his prepared remarks didn't include any nuclear plant details he's getting questions about it. However since he clearly got briefed by TEPCO and NISA, and NISA just gave its briefing to the press about an hour ago he didn't have any extra information beyond what is in the documents and what NISA gave.

10:15 PM Eastern Wednesday 3/23

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