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Monday, March 21, 2011

JAIF Status; latest

Here, to provide continuity in our coverage is the latest JAIF status chart:


The above status reflects little new information and doesn't reflect the smoke event at No. 3 and later the vapor event at No. 2 plants yesterday.

In other updates, No. 5 plant is off the diesel generator and on external AC power.

Apparently these reactor buildings have a special panel or fixed door that is designed to blow out to relieve pressure in the event of an internal explosion (which clearly was not enough for the mass of hydrogen actually liberated in the accidents) but it appears that the door on No. 2 plant was opened by the explosion on the No. 3 plant days ago.

No. 2 plant's internal electrical system is still under work and we'll post as soon as we hear that TEPCO has restored any remote indications or remote operability from the control room.

It appears that the power cable is available now at the load center at No. 4 plant.

All spent fuel pools appear stable at the moment, although the localized site evacuation due to the smoke event at No. 3 might put a damper on this since the most recent schedule to inject seawater from the large trucks at No. 3 and No. 4 plants was dropped while the cause of the smoke (and also the vapor from No. 2) is investigated.

These are all the updates and changes not reported yet overnight or this morning that we're aware of. More to follow today.

10:45 AM Eastern Monday 3/21

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