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Thursday, March 24, 2011

JAIF status... 1000 Hrs 25 March

Latest document released is the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum daily plant status report...


Interesting to note here is the increase in pressure and temperature, temporarily on the No. 1 plant.

Note also a venting of vapor from No. 1 and a third occurrence of black smoke from No. 3, much less than the other two times.

Found in ocean water; Cesium, Iodine, Ruthenium, Tellurium all above limits. We are beginning to get an idea of just how badly the fuel is damaged in the three installed cores and the four fuel pools.

I'll be interested to see what NISA posts and when they post it. It normally doesn't follow the morning briefing by all that long. Also wondering if Secretary Edano will give a briefing...

10:20 PM Eastern Thursday 3/24

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