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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hint of the total cleanup cost and time

I have no real intention of putting a lot of data on plant cleanup on here until the accident phase is over. However, while looking at a large and interesting volume here published by Martin Marietta in 1991 titled Nuclear Facility Decommissioning and Site Remedial Actions: A Selected Bibliography, I ran across an interesting statement.

There is reference to the worst case accident scenario for a boiling water reactor taking between $1.22 Billion to $1.44 Billion, in 1989 dollars, to clean up, and time to accomplish cleanup about 8.3 years. Those dollars convert to $2.08 Billion to $2.46 Billion in 2009 dollars (that's the first currency conversion I found, and clearly it's for dollars last year.)

Since this book is a large annotated bibliograpy, today we'll see if we can track down the annotated original document it's describing for more data -- at least on a worst case scenario (which probably doesn't exist at the plants in Japan) basis for some further estimates.

5:50 AM Eastern Thursday 3/24

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