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Monday, March 28, 2011

Highly contaminated water outside No. 2 plant

TEPCO has announced that highly contaminated water has been found in an underground pipe tunnel at the No. 2 plant - meaning that it has leaked out of the building and into a man-made exterior structure below it, and which extends towards the shore. The water most likely made it out around pipes and wires, I'd have to guess or through crevices formed during the earthquake or one of the many, many aftershocks.

5:05 AM Eastern Monday 3/28


  1. May this leaking water reach not only the sea but also the groundwater below in the earth?
    Is there anything known about the ground and its formations beneth the plant?
    That are significant questions, since the habitability of the region is affected by the consequences.
    And if there is any liability of the plant owner it could put him to collapse on this.

  2. I am not yet aware of the nature of the ground structure below these plants, and have been wondering the same thing myself.

    The ground structure surely is known by the NISA, TEPCO and JAIF since ground structure is part of licensing a site for reactor operation in every nation in the Western world.