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Thursday, March 24, 2011

High rad levels, again

Just a note here that I've heard three reports now that the workers that received radiation doses of 170 mSv in the basement of number 3 plant were standing in water where the rad field reading at the surface of the water was 400 millisieverts/hr. That corresponds to 40 R/hr. Their dose, then, corresponds to 17 Rem.

This is much like the radiation field in the same place at the No. 2 plant reported here a couple days ago. This high radiation field will surely hamper efforts as will the contaminated water pooling in the basements.

UPDATE- Now TEPCO says "3.9 million becquerels per cubic centimeter" in the water in the No. 3 plant turbine building basement. This is 105 microcuries per cc. Is this even believable? We will see.

7:35 PM Eastern Thursday 3/24

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  1. ohh i think thats serious ,yesterday i had a different thought that nobody is in the reactor control room,but now that,i knew , people who risked their lifes and working at reactor and hospitalised ,i have a sorrow feeling.but is there anyway these people affected by radiation could be out of danger or should they live rest of their lifes like that?