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Monday, March 21, 2011

Further on smoke at No. 3 and vapor at No. 2

The TEPCO press release on the smoke issuance from No. 3 plant corresponds with the figures we gave on this site earlier...

Japanese media are reporting a measured radiation field spike at the Fukushima Daiichi site. Here are the levels noted of interest:

5:40 PM / 494 microsieverts
6:30 PM / 1932 microsieverts
8:30 PM / 440 microsieverts

This certainly corresponds much better time wise with the vapor plume emitted from the No. 2 plant than it does the apparent fire at No. 3 plant.

As has been the case from nearly the beginning, the exact causes and mechanisms of every one of the separate smoke and or vapor plume events at all the plants isn't determined, and even after dismantlement of the plants probably won't be at least in terms of actual timing and sequence. For example, the workers might find, on inspection during dismantlement, a pile of burned material and know that it must have generated smoke but not be able to be certain exactly which reported fire event this material created.

1:10 PM Eastern Monday 3/21

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