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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fukushima Daiichi - update from NISA, others

TEPCO is going to begin moving the water from the turbine buildings into the condenser hotwells in No. 1 and No. 2 plants.

Attempts to switch to internal systems are still being hampered by this water.

Conditions at the plants aren't changed all that much; freshwater injection continues to the reactors.


The US Navy is now not only going to provide fresh water for the reactors and the spent fuel pools but technical support as well. This means NAVSEA 08 or Naval Reactors, more than likely, judging from a statement made by the Commander of the US force providing assistance.

Investigations continue into the deposition of activity into the seawater, the deposition of activity into the turbine buildings and the general environment .. but it's clear that there is core damage and release of primary coolant, and then probably as well some of the water added during the accident.

10:20 PM Eastern Saturday 3/26

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