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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fukushima Daiichi Update ~4:30 AM Sunday (Eastern)

Updates from varied sources...

The radiation field in the No. 2 plant turbine building at a location in the basement adjacent to the reactor building is as high as 100 Rem/hour. This is probably the total dose rate both from any rad field from the reactor and from the water in the building which is highly radioactive, being some ten million times more active in a radiological sense than normal reactor coolant in a critical reactor.

The latest available JAIF document shows little change, except for a small pressure increase in No. 1 reactor. This reactor has showed consistently higher pressure for some time now than the others.


Work continues to dewater the turbine buildings. Obviously this water is very highly contaminated and surely some surface decontamination will be necessary to allow work to progress in some of the areas in order to get feed & condensate systems operable in order to re-establish normal shutdown cooling.

4:30 AM Eastern Sunday 3/27

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