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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fukushima Daiichi update 4:30 AM 3/22

Surprisingly, several of the Japanese entities are (for the first time) fairly late in providing their technical updates. Here are the known changes and developments:

The Tokyo fire unit did in fact begin water spray at unit No. 3 at 3:50 PM local time, as predicted it might. No word at all on operations at No. 4 plant yet. One news service is reporting the start time as 3:10 PM and this might be correct with 3:50 being the stop time. Whichever it is, only one hour was planned.

The SDF is now going to use aerial infra-red temperature checks on the plants every day now, as a result of the surprise emissions from No. 2 and especially No. 3 plants.

I am still awaiting those technical updates; it seems as if the entities might be getting overwhelmed with the requirements to provide data. You'll get my analysis as soon as I see them.

4:30 AM Eastern Tuesday 3/22

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