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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fukushima Daiichi No. 4

NHK seems to be indicating that the fire reported earlier at No. 4 plant in the area of the spent fuel pool did not burn longer than about a half an hour.

However, this situation is not over vis a vis the spent fuel pool by a long shot.

It may be time to get a remote controlled wrecking ball constructed and brought to the site to get a hole in the reactor building that water can be dumped in from other remote controlled vehicles. Or some extrapolation of the above.

This was done at the SL-1 reactor accident ... remotely controlled operations ... in 1961 and a remote controlled crane, or one with lead shielded control position may be exactly what is needed here.

ITEM: SL-1 also saw the use for the first time of remote controlled television cameras to peek inside the reactor containment. We have some declassified and released information on this early accident and improvisation in urgent times is a pivotal difference between success and continued degradation.

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