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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fission products at Fukushima Daiichi site

Apparently a Saturday site survey has detected five different elements that are fission products-- in other words, they're not naturally occurring elements and are thus assured to be from the fission process-- and Monday has reported this survey to the authorities and the public. Iodine 131 was again one of the elements found.

TEPCO has made the statement that this indicates fuel damage in the reactors, which we already knew a long time ago; this is, perhaps, the first absolute confirmation atmospherically.

10:30 AM Eastern Monday 3/21


  1. Yes, but has fission been completely haulted? Are their any new short-lived species as of 3/25/11? Any new short-lived isotopes detected would be direct indication that fission was occuring.

  2. From IAEA’s most recent update:

    “The activity concentrations of I-131, Cs-134 and Cs-137 in seawater close to the Fukushima Daiichi plant at the screen of Unit 2 have been measured every day since 2 April. … There was a significant increase in levels of I-131 from about 8 to 80 kBq/L from 10 to 11 May, in parallel with the increase for both radiocaesium isotopes. This indicates that there is still some production of fission products. The I-131 levels decreased to about 20 kBq/L on 17 May.”

    click the link/watch there for updates, I just happened on this old thread asking the same question I was asking