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Monday, March 21, 2011

Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano's briefing

Secretary Edano had little brand new information, at least so far as the nuclear accident mitigation and management issues are concerned.

His one comment, only after a query, was that the smoke from No. 3 is hard to quantify as the building is seriously damaged, but investigation and monitoring continues.

He also did provide the fact that the radioactive contamination detected in the seawater is not presently a threat to the public health, but naturally the government, now aware of the situation, will continue the monitoring.

Still expecting a TEPCO briefing, and probably a plant status document at about noon or slightly later; also expecting the results of the decisions as to whether or not to perform water sprays on No. 3 and No. 4 plants at noon local time, Tokyo.

10:25 PM Eastern Monday 3/21


  1. I haven't seen the smoke, but I am asuming it was blackish like from a fire. I suspect it could be an electrical fire from effots to get buses back up. There must be severe damage to the 4 Kv ECCS buses from the huge blast. They may have tried to power up the DC control and the electrical equipment could be wrecked. They smoked something, but hey what have they got to lose! They need to send in some kind or tracked or flying ROV to look around if they aren't going in themselves. I know I wouldn't want to climb though the wreckage with an SCBA and full bubbers.

  2. I've got photos of the smoke on the site here so you can see it. There is no power at this plant at this time, which is probably why TEPCO, JAIF and NISA are so reluctant to comment on it. The Defense Minister is the only one to directly attribute the source to anything so far but no one will say what the ignition source was. I myself wondered if they tried to power up equipment but TEPCO still says there is only power up to the load centers at No. 2 and No. 4 plants...and No. 4 only just now (11 PM Eastern Monday 3/21.)