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Friday, March 18, 2011

Brief morning update

Conflicting data here on whether or not TEPCO actually has power to systems inside No. 2 plant..

New JAIF FILE shows little of note except for including another new page showing major event timelines for each plant. Note that 1, 2 and 3 show 'fuel exposed' while there is a low containment pressure level measured on 2 and 3.

No water has yet been shot at No. 1 plant so far as we can tell.

N&ISA is now classing the overall Fukushima Daiichi event as a class 5 Accident on the international scale of 1 through 7, provisionally making it the same essentially as TMI-2... More on this and what it actually means and doesn't mean later.

5:55 AM Eastern Friday 3/18

Brief Update (6:05 AM) .. We can thank Fintan Dunne here for a link to a story telling us that TEPCO does in fact have the power line up to No. 2 plant ready and we might guess power is connected to the main load center at No. 2... But we have no report that anything inside the plant is working (I&C, pumps, anything remote op for that matter) yet.

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