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Sunday, March 27, 2011

BBC online article worth seeing.. on radiation

One of our readers, Keith, has sent a link to a very good article (and a very recent one) on the BBC website, regarding radiation exposure. It's written by someone in a good position to know.

BBC: We should stop running away from radiation.

This is a very non-hysterical article, unlike most being published in the general media today.

People might ask "how can you not be frightened by all this," and I might respond "how much more frightened are you going to try to get, knowing that you'll never have any effect on you personally due to this event whatsoever?"

4:54 AM Eastern Sunday 3/27

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting that Will.

    Just for info I posted the text below on FB in reply to a friend questioning nuclear and possible earthquakes (btw I'm yet to be fully convinced on nuclear):

    "We all view a motor vehicle as almost a necessity in modern life. Yet we drive or travel in one knowing that many hundreds will be killed in motor vehicle accidents and thousands more injured each year [just in the state of NSW, Australia].

    We do that based on 'an acceptable level of risk'. The same for having electricity and gas in our homes, air travel or simply walking across a street.

    Almost everything we do or eat and breathe is based on accepting there are risks but that we are prepared to accept that risk so we can benefit from that activity.

    I feel that we need to get the emotion out of nuclear and rather look at the energy supply issues based on 'an acceptable level of risk'.

    Nuclear power stations can never be guaranteed 100% safe. We can never guarantee a spot on the earth as earthquake free - I think Newcastle [earthquake in Oz] proved that."

    I'll stop pestering you now
    Regards, Keith