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Saturday, March 19, 2011

6:45 PM Eastern update...

The latest JAIF status chart shows little change except in rad readings... which are coming down according to reports.


Thankfully the JAIF altered the later pages on these more recent charts that are in English to be in the proper horizontal format.

It seems from reports that over 16 hours of water dumping occurred at No. 3 plant, apparently with the hope that the amount of water would be in excess of the volume of the spent fuel storage pool (accounting for that which didn't make it in there) so that maximum effect would be obtained.

TEPCO still doesn't have I&C or motor power to No. 2 unit yet; it seems they're pushing hard for completion on this task but are very likely, as I noted here before, running into delays and complications at every turn. I would expect the bus bars might be corroded from the hours of seawater exposure, and certainly TEPCO will need more than a few spare motor controllers and other such replaceable pieces of equipment to get anything like operability in normal circumstances inside the containment.

Stay tuned tonight (including into the late hours) for real time updates and interspersed informative updates.

6:45 PM Eastern Saturday 3/19

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