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Friday, March 18, 2011

2200 18 March JAIF status

Another status document is available from JAIF, and it includes what looks like a couple of DOWNGRADES in status.


Most important is the line about fuel exposure that is downgraded from a statement that fuel was exposed partially to 'partially or fully' exposed. Further, containment venting is now temporarily suspended.

It seems to this writer as if there remains a chance that actual core damage continues to worsen, and one wonders if the high rad levels around the plants have a lot to do with this. It doesn't seem right now though as if the rad levels are as bad in most places as they were at TMI in terms of survey levels, not accounting for contamination. However, we have yet to see a really good isometric level gradation map so that rad level zones can be determined easily. For sure TEPCO has them, but I haven't seen them yet.

Expecting water application to No. 3 and likely No. 1 plants by truck and water cannon to recommence around noon local time there, or about two hours from now as this post goes up.

9:10 PM Eastern Friday 3/18

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