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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New poll indicates improved nuclear support

Although the poll we're about to describe was actually administered essentially by the nuclear energy industry at large, it's important to note the support.

Here's a good article covering the poll.

This poll shows that about 71% of the respondents support the use of nuclear energy in the broad energy production spectrum in the United States. This is definitely along the trend we've been seeing the last two years or so, but is even a little higher than one might have imagined. Of course, detractors already have begun to note just who it was that polled, and seem to already imply that the overall consensus isn't so pro-nuclear. I disagree; quite a number of polls over the last year or two have shown steady increase in support for nuclear. That includes at least two Gallup polls.

As I've said before -- NOW is the time to pick up the ball and run.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vogtle construction / Revival!

Scientific American article new today, describing the nuclear revival. Well worth reading.

On a different note, Westinghouse has entered the small reactor field -- which will probably get some major funding soon from the government -- with a PWR design that is sure to get licensed faster than anything else more radical. See this link to read Westinghouse's own report, in .pdf file format.