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Friday, October 8, 2010

Robinson problems...

We noted early today, and have now seen a Business Week report on, an incident at Robinson 2. It appears that for whatever unknown reason, one Main Coolant Pump tripped which led to a protective full scram on loop low flow. That pump now exhibits some leakage. During the event, a protective fire prevention water deluge system incorrectly actuated, and a hose ruptured during that sequence. Further, two Main Feed pumps tripped as well during the recovery.

Adding to this chain is another separate event reported to the NRC concerning an apparent operational procedural error during subsequent plant recovery and stabilization operations that led to an inability to isolate feed to prevent rapid cooldown of the primary .. setting up the potential for thermal shock.

While none of these things by themselves is all that alarming, the whole of the events coupled with some other recent problems at Robinson gives cause for attention, which it appears the NRC is giving. We'll report more if and when needed.

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