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Friday, June 18, 2010

Typewriter Convention Travelogue 7: FRIDAY

What a great day! After a truly event-free drive, and a quick clean-up, it was off to Richard's place to meet with some long-time friends that I'd never met face to face.

At Richard Polt's house when I got there were Peter Weil, Marty Rice, Herman Price and Travis Hamric. Maddie Parra showed up later, as did another of Richard's friends, Felicia. After a great dinner at a really happening Indian restaurant in a wonderfully alive, busy part of town, we all went back to Richard's to unload our machines and an impromptu show-and-tell broke out. Machines everywhere; stories abounding! It was great fun and a great introduction.

Really looking forward to tomorrow; more friends showing up, more machines, more activities.... and pancakes!

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