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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tornado damage; Fermi-2 shutdown

According to this article, severe weather damage led to a shutdown of Fermi-2 near Detroit and an outage affecting 35,000 people yesterday evening.

As of four hours ago when another news article appeared online, which would be about 3 PM Eastern, Fermi-2 had not restarted due to slight damage to some buildings on-site and also, mostly, due to LOOP (Loss Of Offsite Power.) No restart time has been announced but the plant is clearly safe.

Fermi-2 is a GE BWR-I plant, rated 3420 MwT / 1122 Mwe which went online in January 1988 after a protracted construction dating from September 1972, when the construction permit was issued by the NRC. Fermi-2 is, of course, very near the location of the original fast-breeder sodium-cooled Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant of much legend in the nuclear energy community.

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