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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miscellaneous Nuclear News Items

DAVIS-BESSE has been given NRC permission to start up following CRDM nozzle repairs to alleviate stress corrosion cracking; the plant is expected online next month.

DIABLO CANYON today had a site alert when a fire suppression system test released excessive carbon dioxide into a lube oil tank room. The plant continued at full power; we don't at the moment know which plant it was. Diablo Canyon 1 & 2 are both Westinghouse 4-loop PWR's rated 3411 MWt / 1120 MWe, and went online in 1985-1986.

VERMONT YANKEE now has a cooling tower leak, as reported by UPI. This is nothing major, and in fact barely worth noting except that this plant needs no further publicity of any kind right now. This water, for those unaware, is totally clean water that's used only in the cooling tower circuit, for lack of a better concise description. No news would be good news is my point.

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