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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Changing the assumptions

This article, by Rod Adams, is a reprint of a 1996 article he wrote wherein he challenges the assumption that in order for nuclear energy to be cost effective, it must be developed in very large core sizes such as were being constructed near the end of the first building phase of plants here (around 3000 MWt, and ending in 1978). It's enough to make you wonder whether or not "let's get going with nuclear" is going to decide to analyze and wait for demand, or replace existing generating capability with large plants, or just get going and start building anything we can use. Adams' concept of jumping on the learning curve, as he puts it, is surely as much sales pitch as it is common sense as related to his article's content and I'd sure like to see some of these small plants that have been discussed for decades finally get built and put through the ringer.

Now, having completed my semi-daily self-imposed requirement to dig for atomic power news, it's back to getting ready for DAY TWO of the typewriter collectors' gathering that Richard Polt is having here in Cincinnati. It's storming outside right now, but that should clear out. I think.

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