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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Security problem? Too early to call.

It's early - very early - but this already doesn't look good either from a PR standpoint or from (possibly) a real security standpoint.

Reuters put up this article describing a now-Al-Qaeda affiliated man's work at several different nuclear plants in the US, which was very soon followed by this article with the expected panic element you knew would come in the US media.

While it's very apparent to me that this .. this .. situation, or whatever you might want to call it is very embryonic it's still enough to tarnish the newly-minted shine that the nuclear power industry was given by the new national (read that as 'federal') push for "clean nuclear energy." This is one situation worth keeping tabs on even if purely from a PR standpoint.

Be sure, by the way, to note the breathless, instant, total panic (and the inherent love of that panic) evident in the Op-Ed NY Times piece.

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