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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Someone missed the point

Way back in 1948, the United States Navy launched three projects to get atomic energy to work on board submarines. Project Wizard, which was awarded to Westinghouse and which later became STR / S1W and S2W on board the USS Nautilus; Project Genie, awarded to GE which became SIR / S1G and S2G on board USS Seawolf; and a third project for gas turbine work that Allis-Chalmers got but that one was soon dropped. My point is that from that time on we were committed to the fact that submarines needed atomic power. Nautilus proved its superiority in service, and we've never looked back.

UNTIL NOW. Look at this article.

According to that, we're not only going to have to go back to diesel submarines but we're going to have to run 'em on vegetable oil. Maybe the plan to take the SS-224, the USS Cod, back out in the water in Lake Erie is not nostalgic but prophetic.

Our "friends" across the water aren't taking this lying down. Look here and see what they're up to.

Be sure to notice the "sophisticated submarine fleet" part of that article. That includes both SSN, or attack subs and SSBN or ballistic missile subs. Yes, let's go ahead and hand the Chinese total superiority in the Pacific in the name of Gaia, Mother Earth, who we corrupt more every day with our nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines. Great. So we'll have new nuclear plants here on shore, but we'll be knuckling to the Chinese on all matters Far East and we'll be ordering pressure vessels and heads from Japan.

I don't like that scenario at all.

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