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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Japan ready to export nuclear power technology

When I read a number of months back that the bidding for nuclear plants to be built in the UAE was won by South Korea, I really shook my head and wondered what in the name of all that's good had happened to our industry. (Yes, I do know, but I still wondered how we got here.)

As of now, it looks like Japan is going to actively get in on this recent rush to go nuclear everywhere. According to this article, they'll be setting up a deal funded by their government to export the technology. It's kind of like the old AEC Power Demonstration Reactor Program in that there's both federal and private funding, but the important point is that it's being exported. (We kind of tried that with BONUS-1 in Puerto Rico, didn't we?) It sure looks like THEY have their stuff in one sock, and are ready to get to work. What are we doing except sitting on our hands?


  1. hi, so do u mean that japan wants to commercialize its nuclear tech as ROK manage to pull a contract with UAE? and nuclear tech suddenly has commercial value?

  2. @faridah: Nuclear energy technology has always had commercial value, ever since its beginning. The US continued to offer nuclear energy technology for export even after Three Mile Island, and the former USSR and the derivative companies continue even now to offer reactor technology (albeit VVER pressurized water plants) after Chernobyl. Many nations still want nuclear energy, and the high level of education necessary to operate and manage the plants can stimulate the whole educational system of a nation as well. The Japanese can only benefit from such a deal as well.