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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Entergy Spinoff halted

New today in the Wall Street Journal is the story that Entergy won't spin off five nuclear power plants as it had hoped. This article notes that Entergy's aggregate Mw output is second among operators of nuclear powerplants here in the US.

Entergy plants, from the NRC Operating Plant List:

Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 1 (B&W PWR)- Arkansas
Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 2 (CE PWR)- Arkansas
Grand Gulf Nuclear Station 1 (GE BWR-III) Mississippi
Indian Point 2 (WE PWR)- New York
Indian Point 3 (WE PWR)- New York
FitzPatrick - (GE BWR-I) New York
Palisades - (CE PWR) - Michigan
Pilgrim 1 - (GE BWR-I) - Massachusetts
River Bend 1 - (GE BWR-III) - Louisiana
Vermont Yankee - (GE BWR-I) - Vermont
Waterford Unit 3 - (CE PWR) - Louisiana

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