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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Three Blogs Added to my Blog Roll

Just a short note to let my readers know to look at the auto-updating blog roll widget in the right sidebar for three newly added blogs.  The associated websites are below.

CASEnergy Coalition

Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing Coalition

Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy

All of these have very interesting and timely information which I find greatly expands the kind of coverage I offer in that blog roll.  The last listed blog above has a very interesting post made yesterday about the founder of that operation's long and unheralded struggle as a pro-nuclear environmentalist, dating back to well before the current bevy of those so prominently featured in press and film.  Check them out, and bookmark them!  I look forward to some fresh content now and again and these are great additions.

10:50 AM 2/18/2014

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