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Sunday, November 17, 2013

USEC Gaseous Diffusion Plant - Storm Related Damage, Alert Over

Among many places very hard hit by today's extensive severe weather outbreak was the USEC Paducah Gaseous Diffusion plant.  A site emergency was declared when a suspected tornado touchdown occurred on site.

9:21 PM Eastern Sunday 11/17/2013:  USEC has just made the following statement via Twitter:

"Update:  Most of the damage was confined to the exteriors of plant structures. No production systems were affected and all critical safety systems continued to function as intended.  1 of the plant's 4 enrichment production buildings, adjacent cooling towers and an electrical switchyard sustained most of the damage.  A recovery team has been appointed and will coordinate the cleanup and repair.  Background:  USEC ceased enriching uranium at the plant in June.  Only limited plant operations related to inventory management were ongoing at the time of the storm."

Storm Damage Earlier Today

According to reports in media and via USEC's Twitter account, a site emergency alert was declared at 2:17 PM CDT Sunday when a suspected tornado touchdown caused damage to the above noted structures.  The emergency alert status was ended at 6:06 PM CDT Sunday.  No releases of either radioactive or other hazardous materials occurred and there were no on-site injuries. 

USEC's Twitter account noted shortly after the alert that there was no off-site impact and that "plant operations remain stable."

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