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Monday, August 5, 2013

Nuclear Energy's Biggest Hurdles Laid Bare

I first heard Sherrell Greene speak at an ANS meeting -- I believe it was at the 2012 Winter Meeting in San Diego.  I recall having been really impressed by his immense knowledge, insight, clarity and above all his ability to relate issues directly to the entire audience.  I made some serious notes during his talk, and perhaps more than most speakers, Mr. Greene really left me feeling as if I'd gotten one hundred percent of what it was he had appeared at the meeting in order to convey.

The latest post on his blog, which blog is entitled "Sustainable Energy Today," is a very closely related example to the talk he gave in terms of its accessibility.  The post is entitled "Nuclear Power - Staring the Dragon in the Mouth," and it really is an honest, deliberate, hard look at the biggest problems we face in building out more nuclear plants.  It's also written so that the concepts are completely accessible to general folks who have no clue what an FEIS or an RAI is. 

Not always, I've noted, does Mr. Greene pretend to have all of the answers -- or, if he in fact does, he might be employing the Socratic method to get us to where he already is.  No matter which, his writing (and speaking) style get right to you, honestly, where you are -- a style I in fact admire.

I'd very much recommend my regular readers flip over using the following link and check out Sherrell's post -  it will be time well spent.

Sustainable Energy Today:  "Nuclear Energy - Staring the Dragon in the Mouth."

12:15 PM Eastern 8/5/2013

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