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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LNT Petition for US Citizens to Sign

Friends, a new petition has been placed on the White House petition website, whose intended purpose is to raise awareness of how damaging the LNT (Linear No Threshold) model of radiation effects is to the accomplishment of ... well... anything useful at all. 

You can check out the petition and sign it here.  You'll need an account to sign it, but that only takes a moment with brief signup and then a confirmation e-mail. 

Let's get rid of this all-too-highly-conservative assumption that cripples our ability to make the greatest possible use of nuclear technology.  We who have been certified to work in radiation environments (and I was for years) know very well that there are NO effects to the body if the exposure is kept within the Federal limits.  We also know that these limits used to be much higher.. and there's no proof that there was any problem back then either.  It's time to get fear out of the equation, and replace it with evidence and knowledge -- and ditching LNT will do just that.

11:50 AM Eastern 4/23/2013

1 comment:

  1. I believe that we need to have a more nuanced approach to LNT.

    You state as a fact that there are NO effects on the body from low exposures. But the reality is that you do not know what the effects are.

    What we do know is that low doses have effects that are in the noise of our current ability to study these effects.

    LNT is a reasonable but very conservative guess at the magnitude of the health effects of low doses of radiation. I believe (and I think that you would agree) that no effect or even a small beneficial effect are the more likely result of extremely low doses of radiation.

    Thus I believe that LNT should not be used with a mindset of 'avoid any radiation exposure at any cost', but that it does have a place as a basis for judging the cost versus benefit of different safety approaches, and it does have a place for defining putative damage awards in the event of will negligence.