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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy update -- 11:00 PM Eastern 10/29

Ten minutes ago, the Indian Point twitter account reported that Indian Point, Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim were all still on line producing power.

NRC reports that no nuclear plants have yet shut down due to the storm.

Oyster Creek:

-Oyster Creek has declared, this evening, an Unusual Event (at about 7 PM) and then an Alert (at about 8:45 PM) due to rising water levels in the plant intake structure.  The plant is shut down for refueling.  Click here to see the most recent NRC release on this event.

-False allegations about Oyster Creek's ability to cool the spent fuel pool in the event of LOOP (Loss Of Offsite Power) are circulating on the usual anti-nuclear websites.  Click here to see my article on the ANS Nuclear Cafe that shows Oyster Creek's readiness, with redundant cooling systems, redundant backup power generating systems and robust plant design.

11:05 PM Eastern 10/29/2012

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