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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

7:45 AM Nuclear Plant SITREP - Hurricane Sandy

Updates on new information since last night:

-Indian Point Unit 3 has been shut down due to grid issues; Unit 2 remains at full power.

UPDATE at 8 AM -- According to Indian Point's Facebook page, "The disturbance originated in electrical equipment external to Indian Point that is part of the electrical grid. The disturbance meant that Indian Point 3 had no connection to send its electricity to the grid, so the generator automatically shut down since it had nowhere to send the power, Nappi {a spokesman} said."  (It sounds to me as if Unit 3 experienced a load reject and shut down automatically.)  Click here to see the article quoted by Indian Point's Facebook page.

-Salem Unit 1 has been shut down.  Click here for press release.

-Nine Mile Point Unit 1 suffered a load reject last evening at 9 PM when switchyard damage occurred and shut down; Unit 2 remains at full power.  Click here for an article with CENG quotes. (Updated 8:45 AM)

-Limerick has reduced power; Reuters has reported 91 percent output.  (8:45 AM - NRC morning update shows Limerick Unit 1 at 48 percent power and Unit 2 at 27 percent power.)  A number of the plants on line this morning are well below 100% output.

-Oyster Creek, shut down for refueling, is on the diesels (offsite power having been disrupted) with over two weeks worth of diesel fuel on hand.

No safety issues have been announced at any nuclear plant as a result of the storm.  Plants not mentioned are operating as they were before the storm (if on line, then on line; if shut down, then still shut down.)

More information as it becomes available.

7:45 AM Eastern 10/30/2012  -- Updated as needed.

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