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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perry Nuclear Power Plant: New Emergency Ops Facility

Below is a press release from FirstEnergy.


Perry Nuclear Power Plant Completes New Emergency Operations Facility

AKRON, Ohio, July 17, 2012 -- FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC), a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE), today announced that construction of the Emergency Operations Facility for its Perry Nuclear Power Plant has been completed.

The new 12,000-square-foot facility supports overall management of activities related to maintaining public health and safety during the unlikely event of an emergency at the plant. The facility also will be used by Perry's emergency response organization during quarterly training drills and bi-annual exercises evaluated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assist our preparedness to respond to an emergency.

"The new Emergency Operations Facility underscores Perry and FENOC's commitment to protecting public health and safety, and supports timely and efficient communications with emergency responders in the unlikely event of an emergency at the plant," said Vito Kaminskas, vice president of Perry Nuclear Power Plant.

Features of the new state-of-the-art Emergency Operations Facility include: enhanced technologies that aid in timely monitoring and collection of environmental data; a secured, online database for sharing plant conditions and other event information in real time between company, local, county and state emergency responders; updated computer equipment; and diverse telecommunications technology to enhance communications capabilities. In addition, multiple power supplies are designed to ensure the facility will not be affected by a power failure.

Located in Concord, Ohio, the facility replaces an existing Emergency Operations Facility located on site at the Perry plant.

FirstEnergy is a diversified energy company headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Its FENOC subsidiary also operates the Beaver Valley Power Plant in Shippingport, Pa., and the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio.



Below, a photo from the APR collection which was distributed over ten years ago with public relations materials and plant specs. This photo shows the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, with Unit 1 nearer the camera (this is the unit closer to Lake Erie.) The other unit, Unit 2 was suspended when about 45% complete and has never been finished.

Perry Unit 1 is a GE BWR/6 reactor in a Mk III containment building. The plant was originally rated at 1205 MWe but has been uprated more than once so that, today, the plant's rating is 1260 MWe.

9:20 PM Eastern 7/17/2012

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  1. 45% completed. What a waste! Then, locally I have what would've been Shoreham. Can't top that one for throwing away the keys to a new car!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY