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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nuclear Halftime in America is Over

Today, the NRC has announced completion of its mandatory hearing to approve COL (Combined License) for the two Westinghouse AP1000 PWR plants at Southern Company's Plant Vogtle in Georgia. The NRC staff is expected to actually issue the COL's within ten working days, according to the NRC press release.

The vote to approve the licenses was 4-1, with only Chairman Jaczko dissenting.

The "Second Nuclear Era" in America has now officially begun. This borrows a phrase from one of this writer's favorite books; I will have an in depth article on the COL issuance, and related historical topics, later this evening.

4:05 PM Eastern Thursday February 9, 2012

Additional info: NEI has a fabulous roundup HERE. See the story and other links to the right of it. BRAVO, NEI Nuclear Notes!

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