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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New and interesting TEPCO video from November 2 through 11, 2011

TEPCO has released another in its "Reports from Fukushima Daiichi" series and this one gives perhaps the best real perspective of the condition of the reactor buildings from ground level yet. Although the views aren't lingering ones, they're long enough to give a good impression of the physical scale of the buildings for those not familiar. See the link below to find the new video at the APR YouTube channel.


Some people, particularly newer readers, may not be totally familiar with the layout on the Fukushima Daiichi site. Here is one of the first illustrations I ever did for the Fukushima reporting, which is a very large TEPCO press release photo that I have marked to show the major structures. Click to enlarge. Note how the reactor buildings are numbered in two groups, with numbers in each group moving higher as you get away from the center of the plant site.

For a scaled view of the internals of one of the reactor buildings, I show again a view I've used many times before from one of the APRA collections' reports, which is WASH-1250. Note the human figures on the refueling floor (up high) and near the downcomer pipes in the torus (low in the building.)

10:35 AM Eastern Tuesday November 15, 2011

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