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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene approaching Eastern U.S.

Probably no one at this point could do better than Brian Wheeler did at POWER ENGINEERING with the following article (link below) concerning the preparations for Hurricane Irene at US nuclear power plants...

Power Engineering: Nuclear Power Plants Preparing for Irene

The size and power of the storm would at this point imply of course that some nuclear plant sites might experience Loss Of Offsite Power ("LOOP", which our long time readers know all about) but quickly we realize after reading the above article that not only are the sites of all owner-operators aware of the approach of this storm, they're taking action and some will shut down long in advance of the approach of any damaging weather forces.

Keep in mind that such things as LOOP do require notification to the NRC of an Unusual Event. We saw this exact thing this week with the seismically related events declared, and then cleared at many plants. So keep in mind that a simple NOUE due to LOOP is not in itself going to be any sort of surprise for this large weather related event.

Naturally all of us in the pro-nuclear web community are closely monitoring and actively discussing the situation and you can be assured of finding the FACTS on this blog and the fine blogs and sites linked in APR's link list and auto-updating blog roll. I may consider adding more utility-run blogs to the blog roll temporarily if the storm takes a more inland path since these might be expected to provide good, rapid updates. We will see.

More to come later.

5:10 PM Eastern Thursday August 25, 2011

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