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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Urgent: Speculation

-Presence of a visible shock wave traveling upwards over the reactor containment building is troubling.

-The building must have been destroyed either by a hydrogen burn in the containment or else a steam explosion in the primary

-The SL-1 Accident at NRTS Idaho and the Chernobyl Accident both included core steam explosions and physical core derangement

-The TMI-2 Accident included a hydrogen burn in the containment with no serious damage

-US Nuclear plants have hydrogen combustion equipment fitted in the containments to prevent explosive hydrogen burn and hydrogen detection equipment; however, if turned off a long time this should not be turned on

-Any spark in the containment, such as starting or energizing any remote equipment could trigger a hydrogen burn if the partial pressure of H2 is above the explosive threshold (more on that later today)

There is a 50% chance this now a nuclear accident.

6:30 AM Saturday....Situation developing

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  1. It's a hydrogen burn, according to official sources , who also state no damage to the containment vessel. Aljazeera reports cabinet seretary Yudio Edano:

    "...due to the falling level of cooling water, hydrogen was generated and that leaked to the space between the building and the container and the explosion happened when the hydrogen mixed with oxygen there."