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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update, of sorts....

For all of those who are following this site.. we were hoping here to do an update at 12:00 Noon Eastern here with new information, but other than the media stories about panic (apparently in Tokyo) and overreaction ("Radio France withdraws staff in Japan due to accidents") there is no good, solid technical news to report.

One basic fact that must be remembered though is that at this moment, it is only 1:46 AM in Tokyo and unless something serious happens there is precious little activity on the wires. This means that about five hours from now we should start to get a rush of new information about the status of the plants at Fukushima Daiichi and be able to determine where we are in the chain of events.

I mention "chain of events" .. this is because we've had this happen before, or at least been close or worse at a number of plants over fifty plus years and we have a good idea of what the process is AFTER the plants are assured stable.

Much more on this process to come this afternoon; I am staying on the news feeds however and all breaking news will appear here.

12:48 PM Eastern Tuesday 3/15

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