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Saturday, March 12, 2011

TEPCO statement

Tokyo Electric Power Company statement regarding situation in general at Fukushima Daiichi site includes the following statements:

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station:
Units 1 to 3: shutdown due to earthquake
Units 4 to 6: outage due to regular inspection
* The national government has instructed evacuation for those local
residents within 20km radius of the site periphery.
* The value of radioactive material (iodine, etc) is increasing according
to the monitoring car at the site (outside of the site). One of the
monitoring posts is also indicating higher than normal level.
* Since the amount of radiation at the boundary of the site exceeds the
limits, we decide at 4:17PM and we have reported and/or noticed the
government agencies concerned to apply the clause 1 of the Article 15 of
the Radiation Disaster Measure at 5PM.
* In addition, a vertical earthquake hit the site and big explosion has
happened near the Unit 1 and smoke breaks out around 3:36PM.
Our two employees and two cooperation workers who had been working for
the foundation of safety are suffered and they are all sent to the
* We started injection of sea water into the reactor core of Unit 1 at
8:20pm and then boric acid subsequently.
* We continue endeavoring to secure the safety that all we can do and
monitoring the periphery.

Much more analysis to come shortly on this site.

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