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Monday, March 14, 2011

Perhaps a bit of good news..

The situation at Fukushima Daiichi is exceedingly complex. No one would ever have suspected that four plants on one site would be in a state of major crisis at once.

However, it now begins to appear as if it is possible that the high rad levels on the site, and perhaps even the 20-30 KM fallout protection orders, may be due solely to the fire at No. 4 plant that appears to involve spent fuel. Some reports are saying that hydrogen generated by the spent fuel may have exploded, starting a wider fire... or else it simply burned. Whatever the case, if this is true then it may be that the other reactors, particularly the worrisome No. 2, are not in as bad shape as the earlier (rather sketchy and disconnected) rad levels had indicated.

The situation should become much more clear after the fire is out at No. 4 plant, and after further attempts to fully cover the core at No. 2 are made .. as well as attempts to discern primary plant integrity.

11:15 PM Eastern Monday 3/14

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