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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fukushima No. 2 brief

TEPCO reports a radiation spike detected at No. 1 plant at the time of the explosion sound in No. 2 plant. Further suspicion of primary containment continues, as I reported here some time ago this evening. Evidence firming up to support my suspicion earlier; TEPCO also reports that about half the fuel rods were possibly still exposed.

DEVLOPING... 8:55 PM Monday 3/14

UPDATE 9:05 PM Monday: Radiation at the EDGE of the Daiichi site has spiked to over 8200 microsieverts or 820 mr/hr.

I am developing a report on comparative rad levels at previous accidents.

This level is further evidence that my earlier guess is correct and that a core melt is in progress; radiation levels are varying at this time. This would be a core melt with very possibly a primary coolant boundary failure. If true this would be equivalent to an NRC Class 9 Reactor Accident.

DEVELOPING...9:05 PM Monday 3/14

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