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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fukushima Daini .. Now also reporting problems

The other Fukushima plant, Fukushima Daini, is now reporting problems.

To keep these plants straight see our earlier post.

-->>(Site 1, or Fukushima Daiichi has six plants, three of which shut down automatically when the earthquake happened while three had been shut down, while Site 2, or Fukushima Daini, has four plants, all of which shut down when the quake happened)<<--

Fukushima Daini is now reporting cooling system failure at three plants on site, with coolant temperatures "topping 100 C" or boiling... which to us indicates that this is in reference to secondary water being used to cool the plants. This makes it sound like a decay heat removal system is being used (these systems are meant to remove small amounts of decay heat while a plant is shut down for maintenance, but cannot handle the high heat from right after a shutdown.)

This second story also developing. We will go back and tag the blog posts to correlate to the sites with their names and with Fukushima Site numbers when the news feeds slow down.

UPDATE: NIKKEI has this story on Fukushima Daini as 'breaking' at 0802 local time or 8:02 AM Tokyo, so it is quite recent.

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