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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fukushima Daiichi plan of action update

Plans are as follows as of now:

-Get electrical power back at No. 2, which is in progress
-Get five more trucks, or 30 tons, of water on No. 3, yet to occur
-Continue rad health surveys on and off site to determine release

These are the highest short term drives for TEPCO right now, and it seems they've been working against many odds to drive that new electric line to No. 2 plant. Another priority is to figure out an effective method to get water on the spent fuel pool inside the somewhat more intact No. 4 reactor building.

All of this is in the utmost work right now.. not that the other projects we've mentioned aren't.

Water spray by the trucks on No. 3 may happen as early as 2 PM local time, or about one hour from the time of this post.

12:00 Midnight Eastern Friday 3/18

Added: Looking like the Tokyo fire vehicles may be used to spray down the No. 1 reactor building to try to get water in that plant's spent fuel pool...

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