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Monday, March 14, 2011

BREAKING: Explosion at Daiichi No. 2

An explosion has been heard at Daiichi No. 2 and suppression pool pressure began to fall. Site being partially evacuated.


UPDATE 7:40 PM This is beginning to sound like a primary coolant system failure since TEPCO has just admitted a continuously low water level reading in the reactor vessel at No. 2 plant. It is naturally possible that the reading has been erroneous for some time.... By no means certain. Might be a hydrogen explosion that was much more contained, perhaps inside the containment or drywell....

If the upper part of the core were damaged and uncovered, and melting and failed and fell down into a volume of water lower in the core an explosion would likely result. This would be a STEAM explosion and metal-water reaction like occurred at SL-1 and in some small parts at TMI-2 and Chernobyl, in terms of the actual physics of the reaction if NOT repeat NOT the severity.

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