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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A very silly question

Take a moment to read this short article, concerning a type of project about which people have been planning off and on for decades. Make sure to read the last sentence.

Then consider the HUNDREDS of nuclear submarines that have been built world-wide by our Navy, the Soviets, the British, the French, and now the Chinese. The answer is obvious - considering the vastly higher reliability and safety records racked up by submarine nuclear power the answer is YES it's a good idea!

Consider this one fact: Endless heat sink. No chance that loss of power to cooling water pumps will make giant cooling towers useless. Consider something else: In case of accident, permanent containment away from any populated areas. That will make licensing much easier.

Now if we can get a US company to develop a plan instead of letting only the French take the lead in this field...

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