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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TVA to dust off Bellefonte?

Two unfinished BW-205 plants are located at TVA's Bellefonte Nuclear Station in Alabama, and every once in a while the idea of restarting construction (which went for 12 years and then stopped) comes up. Now, TVA has budgeted for exactly this at Unit 1, at least, and it appears this project might have legs. Look here for a few details.

(The BW-205 design essentially was the same as that actually built at Oconee, but uprated - with more fuel elements, more powerful main coolant pumps, etc. Nothing about the new plant design as compared with the old was different enough to require any radical study prior to licensing one of these plants.)

This is made all the more interesting when you consider that, back in 2007, TVA applied to the NRC to get a project going to build Unit 3 and 4 at this same site, which are to be Westinghouse AP1000 plants. One wonders if this new announcement won't scuttle that plan.

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