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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sherwood be nice

If you ask most people on the street, you'll find that there's a general opinion that fusion power is possible if we throw enough money at it. Many still believe "cold fusion" worked but was killed off, somehow, by the government. Or big oil. Now, if you ask most scientists you'll get a much more educated and conditioned answer and usually it'll include the tag line "we're still about twenty or twenty-five years from being able to achieve this," whatever this it was that was being described.

That was the same thing they were saying in the late 50's during Project Sherwood, which was the AEC program to develop fusion energy.

Now, it appears that Iranian know-how has pushed that time gap down to a very manageable ONE DECADE time frame! This article and a number of others are detailing the Iranian assertion that they'll have a fusion reactor in 2020.

Iran just started fueling its first commercial atomic power station this last week.


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