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Friday, August 6, 2010

PSEG Early Site Permit applied for

Five or six sources reported this afternoon (probably more now) that PSEG had filed with the NRC an application for an Early Site Permit to add a fourth reactor plant to its Salem / Hope Creek plants. The new plant is expected to be built by Hope Creek.

Shown here in front of Salem Nuclear Generating Station's two CE PWR plants under construction is THE SECOND SUN, which was a floating public information center designed to allow the public, free of charge, to learn about nuclear energy. Many plants had such centers, actually, which isn't common knowledge today but we're not aware of any other that was made from a converted river boat like this! This article gives details on not only the ESP that PSEG filed for but history of the whole Salem / Hope Creek plant sites, in very brief but decent detail for review. Postcard of Salem Nuclear Generating Station and 'The Second Sun' from APRA collection.

-first post omitted link to Reuters article, now in place.-

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